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How to Send Mass Email

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As many people enter the world of Internet advertising, they will quickly get the idea that email is an awesome tool by which to contact people, and they're right! Though, as most of us know, there are very specific rules to sending out email, especially when you send mass email. And to send mass unsolicited email to a list of people who didn't ask for it is a super no-no! That's one way to get your email address quickly blacklisted and rendered worthless.

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In my last post, I told you about how readily available free business advertising online can be if you use it correctly. If you missed that post, check it out.

I introduce this post to you today to explain how to become a safe sender of email. It may not be the way you expect but, believe it or not, it is extremely effective when used correctly.

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What is a Safelist?

A safelist is a network of people who have opted-in and agreed to receive bulk email from other members of the network, usually in exchange for the ability to send email themselves to the same network. Usually, members will earn credits by viewing other members' emails from the safelist. Now, you may be thinking to yourself, "why would I want to email a list like that? Would't all members be there simply for their own purposes and never solicit my offer?" Surprisingly, the answer is 'no'. The thing to understand is not everyone on safelist networks are there with a plan and many are still in the market for other tools and resources to build their business, or even just to find a business that works for them. Your message can still provide much value to many viewers. Profitable Email Marketing

 How Do Safelists Work?

The only way to send legitimate bulk email is to ensure it is solicited. In other words, the recipient must have requested the mail to be sent to them. When you join a safelist, you agree to receive email from other members. This agreement is advantageous because the safelist network awards its members with 'mailing' credits for viewing each email. As you view the emails the safelist sends you, you earn credits to send your own emails to other members of the safelist.  

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How to Use Safelists

The key to using safelists is to cast a wide net. Users who experience effective use of safelists commonly use many of them, blasting their email message daily to 10,000s of safelists members. The cool part about this tactic is that common members to many lists can see your message multiple times in a short period. This tactic alone is proven to increase conversions. The key is to be persistent. You should have several safelist memberships to which you email out your email daily. This is the only way to ensure a wide enough cast of your 'net' to achieve the results for which you're looking. The cool thing is that World Branch has made this easy for you. We offer all our web traffic and other Internet business resources, for free! All you need to do is fill out the form below to get free access to all our tools. 

In my next post, I show you the best emailing service you can use for free.

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World Branch Business Feature: myEcon

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Please provide a warm World Branch welcome to our newest business member, Randle Williams!

Today, we feature his business, myEcon. You can see Randle's business page on our website in our Member Directory.



What is myEcon?

It's all about personal financial success!

Contact Randle Williams via email:

Visit the Website

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World Branch Business Feature: Big Bang One

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Please provide a warm World Branch welcome to our newest business member, Karen McIntosh!

Today, we feature her business, Big Bang One. You can see Karen's business page on our website in our Member Directory.

Big Bang One

What is Big Bang One?

Big Bang One is a legit direct mail business.
We need people to mail flyers and post ads online.
The cost is 60.00 dollars plus 6 books of stamps.
Receive multiple payments of 20.00 dollars plus stamps.

Contact Karen McIntosh via email:

 or via phone: 509-989-5449


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World Branch Business Feature: STC30 Stem Cell Therapy

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STC30 Stem Cell Therepy

Please provide a warm World Branch welcome to our newest business member, TeeKay!

Today, we feature their business, STC30. You can see TeeKay's business page on our website in our Member Directory.


What is STC30 Stem Cell Therapy?



Addressing Stubborn, Dreaded Diseases With Mother Nature's Naturopathy.......


????The time taken to see results varies from patient to patient. Some bodies respond faster to the therapy than others and the longer the patient has suffered from the disease the longer the time required to heal completely.


????Stc30 stem Cell is manufactured in Switzerland by Mibelle Biochemistry lab.


????No, this is a plant based ,natural product, it does not have any side effects.



✅Enhances physical stamina and energy levels.

✅Repairs and regenerates body cells

✅Rejuvenates and activates body cells to improve vitality

✅Regulates pH level, blood sugars and blood flow in our body

✅Anti – Oxidant

✅Improves improves body's immune system

✅Refines skin texture and improves complexion

✅Delays the aging process

✅No side effects – safe, natural and convenient product

✅Pure Vegetarian


STC30 will go through our nerves,travel to the brain and provide a signal where they need to repair and regenerate the cells.


????Stroke, Traumatic brain injury, Cancers, Diabetes, Infertility, Chronic Disease, Spinal Cord injury, Baldness, Slow speech, Heart disease, arthritis, reproductive health, Pakiston disease, eye disease, skin disorders,

Blindness, Wounds, Learning defects And many more.


????It is Suitable for the entire family, all ages, both men and women, including vegetarians and children.



Contact TeeKay via phone or WhatsApp at 0735907760

or via email at

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World Branch Business Feature: Lyconet – Cashback

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Lyconet - Cashback

Please provide a warm World Branch welcome to our newest business member, Peter Nagy!

Today, we feature his business, Lyconet - Cashback. You can see Peter's business page on our website in our Member Directory.


Lyconet - Cashback is a strong international shopping community that is growing all the time, providing you with a sturdy basis for your business, countless ways to network and customized support in all areas – Lyconet has a huge range of exclusive benefits to help you get off to a successful start in network marketing.
It works already in 50 countries,  online and offline shops too.
With an easy and free registration you have the possibility to get cashback at every single purchase. In this case you are a Cashback user. This is an option to save money from your everydays shopping. Free to join, free to use.
With Lyconet - it is a marketer team of Cashback - you can build your shopping network, get marketing bonuses after your networks purchases too. There are many other ways to achieve different carrier levels, collect e-credits... earn money weekly/monthly. Huge potential for financial independence.
Together we are strong.
To get more details, register for free webinar and start your business.

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