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Here you will find all the tools you need to build your business with the World Branch - GDI Team.

Follow the instructions on this page to access all the resources provided by your sponsor.

If you have found this page by coincidence and are not yet a member of our team, request info below to learn more about the World Branch - GDI Team. When you join us, we will build a page identical to this one but personalized and configured to build your downlines specifically. Once you get your six members assigned to your downline and become a team leader, we will provide you a team leader page as well to train your future team leaders. These pages automate all the training necessary to get your new members quickly building their businesses with you.


We build your business with you! For this to work, the steps and tools below are ABSOLUTELY necessary for you to successfully build your business with us. Skipping these steps will prevent our team-building system to work for you. As you build with us, you will refer back to this page to gain more tools to continue to expand your business.

How It Works

You likely joined World Branch - GDI Team for one or both of the following reasons: 1. Building an online business alone wasn't working for you and / or 2. You liked the fact that we assign six members to your downline.

To achieve the second fact, everyone on our team works together to bring on new members. Those who apply the steps below and get over 1,000 hits weekly to their unique team promotion link are eligible the following week to receive new members in their downlines. This page shows you the exact tools you need to accomplish this, for free, every week. For a more detailed explanation on our team - building system, check out our lessons, always available for your reference.

1. Join free safelist networks.

Join the following safelist networks. These networks are the primary tools necessary to build your team. The World Branch - GDI Traffic Guide shows you how to use each safelist to send mass email daily to hundreds of interested opportunity-seekers. There you will find all our most successful pre-written subject lines and email content for your use so you don't have to create your own emails!

The estimate of members on each network are equivalent to the quantity of daily emails each network will allow you to send. When you send the maximum quantity of daily emails allowed from each of these safelist networks every day, you will easily get 1,000+ hits to your unique team promotion link and qualify for new members in your downline every week.

Adchiever: ~1,100 members

Profitable Email Marketing

Build My Downlines: ~570 members

Get Paid To Join Websites

Downline Maxx: ~360 members

Downline Building to the Maxx

List Jumper: ~910 members

Explode My List!

List Surfing: ~970 members

List Surfing - Social Advertising Network

Viral Nugget: ~570

Unstoppable Flood of Viral Traffic!

2. Configure your 'Downline Builder' on each safelist network.

In addition to allowing you to send hundreds of daily emails, all these safelist networks provide built-in downline builders. The downline builder 'cross-promotes' your membership across all accounts, but ONLY if you register each account on the downline builders of all the other networks. This also allows you to protect and expand your business across all networks as new members join your downlines.

The example below shows you how to configure your downline builder on only one safelist network but they all work generally the same; they only look different:

1. Login to each safelist network.

2. Wait for the login ad to timeout and click 'continue to member's area'. (Don't worry, you earn credits for this!) Select 'Downline builder' usually found under the 'Affiliate' or 'Earn' section of your member's area.

3. Copy your affiliate referral code from each safelist network (usually found in the Affiliate' or 'Earn' section of your member's area).
You find your affiliate referral code at the end of your affiliate link.
4. Enter your affiliate referral code for each network in each downline builder. Here you will find listed several safelist networks for which you can add your referral codes.

Repeat this process for each safelist network, adding all your other networks' referral codes to each.

3. Get your unique team promotion link.

Now that you know how to get over 1,000 weekly hits to any web destination, request your unique team promotion link from your team leader.

As you apply the above steps to your business, remember, we build your business with you. Your sponsor and your team leader are here to assist you every step of the way and will help you develop your team. Never hesitate to reach out for questions or support.

We are here for you!