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Pre-written Emails

Below are the most successful email subject lines and content we use to bring new members to our World Branch – GDI Team. Use the subject lines and email body content in different combinations as you test what works best for you and your business.

Email #1

These subject lines and the associated email body is what matches the current capture page I have built for the team. This is the most-highly recommended email at this time, expected to get the best results as you send your daily emails:

Subject Lines

#firstname#, no traffic to your site? Click here…

#firstname#, claim your free web traffic tools NOW!

#firstname#, instant access to free web traffic tools

Email Body

How many programs have you joined?

How much money have you thrown away?

Are you alone, in the dark, on making your business succeed?...

Stop wasting time and money on unproven programs.

World Branch is an active, successful group; free to join.

When you join:

  • you are a part of a team that engages in collective advertising: everyone supports each other's business.
  • you get free, immediate access to our proven business methods that can be applied to ANY online business.
  • you are teamed with a knowledgeable team leader to help you every step of the way.

Now is your time.

Interested? Click the link to claim your free info and join us now.

My team leaders and I are waiting to help you learn every aspect
of our fail-proof, free traffic system.


Email #2

Subject Lines

Any of these three subject lines match the following email body. Use all three to determine which results in the most responses:

#firstname#, build a business reading emails

#firstname#, get FLOODS of free web traffic NOW!

#firstname#, learn how to get FLOODS of free web traffic!

Email Body

#firstname#, a successful Internet entrepreneur (who will remain unnamed)
reveals a breakthrough method to get floods of free traffic to
your website that the Internet advertising giants don't want you
to know about. (If you have yet to establish your website, no
worries, we can help you with that too.)

We can't promise how long we can keep this information up before
companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter take it down.

Our team leader (the successful entrepreneur) can only offer
these market-disrupting methods to a select few who sign-up and
request to see them now.

Note: It is very important these positions be left open only for
the most serious Internet marketers. If 'being serious about your
own success' does not describe you, DO NOT respond to this email
and sign up for this information. He can only work with a select
few serious individuals. It is VERY important for these positions
be left open only for those most serious about their success.
But, if you're serious about your own success, and can
commit to a plan that will be handed to you when you join, click
the link and send us your contact info. We will respond quickly.

{Your Name}

Emails #3

This section has multiple subject lines that line up with multiple email bodies. Any of these subject lines can be sent with any of the email bodies below. Mix them up to see what combination returns the best results!

Subject Lines

Our teams will give you 6+ paid signups in GDI for free, are you in GDI and going nowhere?

We give your 6+Paid sign-ups in GDI free, our GDI Business is growing exponentially

We give your 6+Paid sign-ups in GDI free,We are getting more sign-ups than ever before

Our Teams Guarantee to Get You 6 Paid Signups In GDI For Free

Our Team Will Get You 6+ Paid Signups In GDI For Free

Email #1


{ADD Your Team link HERE}

You will Get:

6 Paid Members in Your Downline

FREE Team Leadership Training

Active, Knowledgeable Sponsors

FREE Collective Advertising System 

Our team works together to build downlines for each and every member !




Contact Details Here

Email #2

GDI Team Elite Is Giving Away 6 SignUps!

We assure 6 SignUps to All New Paid members!

Check It Out! You Will Love This System!

People from all around the world are working together to build downlines for each other.

{ADD Your Team link HERE}



Contact Details Here

Email #3

Allow Our GDI TEAM ELITE To Help You Recruit 6 Referrals!

Then, YOU Can Help Others
Get Their Referrals...

All The While...This Simple-To-Duplicate Action Is Building You a HUGE Monthly Residual Income!

{ADD Your Team link HERE}



Contact Details Here

Email #4


This time, this site is for us. Some of us have failed at GDI or bought into it and didn't have a clue what to do next.

Then there are those of us who have tried and tried, maybe gotten a few signups, but there was no real help.

Not this time. totally free, totally us, controlled GDI matrix with the potential to make us all as much as $9330 a month.

Yes, it is too good, but it's also true.

Won't you join us?

{ADD Your Team link HERE}

Already in GDI?

No problem - Contact us to learn more!



Contact Details Here

Email #5

We are getting more sign-ups than ever before.

Team Elite membership is free.

Everyone is getting their paid sign-ups in record time.

Benefit from our success.  Join us today.


Join GDI and GDI Team Elite! 

We guarantee to give you 6 paid referrals in your down-line for free. 

We get 6 for you, and 6 for their 6 - and so on. 

We keep building.  It isn't instant, but it is steady.

Are you ready to join the fastest growing team for Global Domains International? 

Do you know GDI?

Are you a member of GDI and going nowhere?

Join our team and explode your GDI business.

Subscribe now: {ADD Your Team link HERE}

If you are not a member of GDI, learn how you can use GDI:

* To earn extra retirement;* To earn residual income;* To work from home.

As a member of GDI Team Elite You Will Get: 

* 6 Paid Members in Your Downline FREE;* Team Leadership Training;* Active, knowledgeable sponsors;* FREE Collective Advertising System - Our team works together to build downlines for each and every member!

Copy and Paste your way to financial success.

Try GDI for Free! 

Global Domains International is a member of the prestigious fortune 500 companies. The only business of this type that PayPal accepts.   It's the safest company on the internet.

Only $10 a month until our team builds your GDI business.  $10 a month is a temporary cost until our help makes you build enough downline to cover the cost.  After that, its all profit.  There are no other costs.

Income can be as high as $9300 a month with our help, and even more from your own efforts.  Join us now and start earning.  Here is the link again:

{ADD Your Team link HERE}

To our mutual success,



Contact Details Here

Text Ads

These subject lines are for your text ads.

We assure 6 SignUps to All New Paid members - Check It Out! You Will Love This System !

Allow Our GDI TEAM ELITE To Help You Recruit 6 Referrals! 

Already in GDI? No problem! Contact us to learn more !

6 paid members guaranteed + A Sponsor that will actually help you ! 

GDI Team Elite - Collective Advertising System + TEAM Leadership Training and more!

Join GDI Team Elite Today -  We Will Give You 6 GDI Affiliates - For FREE!

Looking for a new way to build your GDI business ? 

Are you getting nowhere FAST with GDI recruiting alone ??

Join GDI Team Elite TODAY !

STOP!!! Struggling to promote GDI alone - Let our TEAM help you..!

Social Media Posts

With us now working with GDI Team Elite, World Branch guarantees six paid members in your downline, and six in theirs. That results in a passive monthly income of $9330.00. Visit the GDI income calculator and see for yourself...then reply to this post "Interested" to get started.

Check your messenger app. If you are in the World Branch group and remain an inactive member, we are reaching out to you now. If you are not yet in the World Branch group, join us here:

We guarantee you six paid referred members in your down line...and six in theirs! This paves your way to a monthly income of $9330! If you are willing to commit to your own success and our free training, you will succeed.

Members are activating their businesses as we contact them with this message. The longer you wait to respond, the more ahead of you they are; the more money you leave on the table.

Message us now! because your business is passing you by...

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