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Lesson 1: Perspective on YOUR EFFORT (also known as WORK) with FREE online business advertising

Your Effort

<<<In the introduction of this guide, I provided you an introduction on what this is all about; this is how to get 1000s of free website visitors to your site, for free! Although, I am sure you are interested in more than just that. You want to build a substantial online business. That's what I am here to help you do. That is the reason you accessed and downloaded this guide.

Let’s put something into perspective: no one running an Internet advertising business can pay you more than what you are worth. Unless you are putting out significant activity and following a plan exactly as it is provided, your work on the Internet will not be valued; it cannot be valued. The value of this business is that you produce ALL the value you bring to a business. The greatest value of this system is that we use 100% free online business advertising so, as you are just getting started, you don’t have to pay to advertise your business. How’s that for part time Internet jobs? Better than a job, you own your Internet business! The more activityand persistence with which you apply any business plan you are pursuing, the more you can earn.

Accordingly, the exact opposite is true. If you don’t put in the work and / or fail to follow the simple instructions I provide in this guide, YOU WILL NOT EARN MONEY! It is that simple.

So, whether you have been working in the Internet advertising industry for two days or 20 years, keep this business in perspective. This is no different than any other ‘work on the Internet’ business you may attempt: if you don’t do the work, you don’t get paid. If you open a business and do nothing more to nurture it to life and success, you can only logically expect your new business to fail. If you don’t show up to punch your time clock, you won’t see a paycheck.


With the context of the last section, YOUR EFFORT, consider this. The Internet advertising agency business is wrought with amazing and unrealistic offers. You have likely already seen advertisements such as these:

Turn $5 into $2500 THIS WEEK!

Let’s make you a millionaire THIS MONTH!

This app will pay you $100 daily; just sign up!

What offers like these are describing are some of the most significant investments that have never been realized. My point here is that if there are financial offers as significant as what these, those super-genius investment-types would have analyzed these financial offers and, if they were supported by reality, would invest endless money into these programs to get the returns they promise. The costs at which you could buy into these offers would immediately skyrocket, following the economic concept of supply vs. demand. This means, the offers for the returns in those other programs either don’t exist or are falsehoods; you will never see said promised returns.Don’t fall for them.

Marketing programs are no different from any other valuable resource that can make people money: if they are valuable, their price will reflect. Supply vs. Demand.


Many businesses fail each year due to unforeseen circumstances. Individual ability to conduct business has its limits, and that is only one variable for people putting their life savings on the line for their dreams. You will find our business does not require such investments; with our team, you will only see time and minimal monetary investment, keeping your risk as minimal as possible. Regardless, the rewards are endless. I (nor can anyone else) provide you unlimited guarantees. I can only provide you two basic guarantees:

  1. If you put time and effort into your Internet advertising business, you will build a business. You will eventually be successful. It will take investment of your personal time and effort (work), and basic monetary investment. (With our business model, partnered with GDI, your required investment is only $10 monthly).
    1. If you quit before you build a business, you will never build a business. You will fail. You will not be successful. It’s that simple.

The matter of perspective is that simple to me. So, what are you here for? Why are you reading this post? (Hint: It’s probably because you’re ready to emulate the traits of #1 above and not fail like #2.)

Lesson Summary

Anyone looking to start any business, regardless of sector, platform, or medium, must have the right perspective. Anyone who is offering you instant success for joining their team or program is lying to you. A business worth your time and money is worth your effort. If you are unwilling to invest the most free and unlimited capital you have at your disposal (that being your effort), don’t waste your time and fool yourself into believing you can be successful. If you are unwilling to make this basic investment in your personal success, you will not succeed.

Just as with any investment, the investment of your effort builds your value, over time. Most primary to building your value over time is your ability to be consistent, meaning applying the action steps presented in this guide on a daily basis, and persistent, meaning continuing to work even though everything isn’t working exactly as planned and it’s hard to see the long term benefit.

Lastly, I guarantee you two promises: 1. If you are wiling to do the things I discuss above, I guarantee that you will become successful, with time and your effort. 2. If you quit before you build a business, you will never build a business.

Ready for the next lesson? Continue below to progress.

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