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Internet marketing is hard, especially when you are new and all on your own. Too many people see the amazing promises posted all over Internet advertisements and expect their initial foray into this strange world to make them rich. There is money in this game but, just as with anything else worth having, it takes work and dedication. The most difficult part when you are starting on your own is simply knowing where to start. What is most important to know about Internet marketing is that it doesn't matter much what or where you advertise; it is all in how you do it.

So, what is World Branch?2048x1152

World Branch is an Internet marketing group that works with a key business opportunity that helps members quickly monetize their Internet marketing efforts. This business is called Global Domains International, or GDI. World Branch also partners with a cooperative marketing group named GDI Team Elite. Every World Branch member with an active GDI account is automatically a GDI Team Elite member. GDI Team Elite members work cooperatively to drive traffic toward our business. Every member of GDI Team Elite that generates 1000 weekly visits to our websites will have six new paid members assigned to their business...and six assigned to theirs, down to five levels. Given the GDI business incomecalculatormodel, when your business is completely filled, this results in a monthly income of $9330.00! To see the math behind this income, check out the GDI Income Calculator. Most importantly, you are never alone in building your business. With both World Branch and GDI Team Elite at you back, you will always have a real-life sponsor ready to help you every step of the way as you discover your success. You can always locate us in our World Branch Facebook group. Request membership and join us today! Now, if you are unfamiliar with Internet marketing, you were likely intimidated by the thought of having to generate 1000 visits to anywhere on the Internet in one week. Doesn't that cost money? No, it absolutely doesn't.

Enter the World Branch Web Traffic Challenge.

World Branch came up with the web traffic challenge to remove the mystery and isolation of beginning your own Internet Marketing business. World Branch wanted to create a fun competition to make the introduction to our line of work easier for new members of our community to digest. This web traffic challenge allows anyone, regardless of your experience with Internet marketing, to see how easy building a business can really be. During our periodic contests, we introduce members to the successful methods and effective tools we use to drive traffic towards our key business: Global Domains International, or GDI. The winner of each web traffic challenge receives an offer to have the first three months of their Internet marketing business for free!

How does this web traffic challenge work?

Anyone can join the web traffic challenge, regardless as to whether you have been Internet marketing since modems made noise or just learned that people made money on the Internet reading this post:facebook

        • World Branch members join the contest at our sign up page. New contests begin periodically as we gain enough members ready to compete. The current contests are announced via posts here on this blog, on our Facebook page, on our Facebook group (where you will need to request membership), and via Facebook messenger.



        • Contest members are provided a unique URL to which to drive traffic. This URL allows us to track how many visits you are generating throughout the contest period.



      • Contest members are provided our tools and resources they may use to drive traffic during the contest to their unique URL. Members are not restricted only to these resources but are highly encouraged to use them.



      • Just for participating, members keep access to our resources, tools, and group membership, indefinitely. They are yours to keep, for your own purposes and success, at no cost to you!



      • Contestants are also provided the time period in which their contest will begin and end. The results of the contest will be posted on all the aforementioned sites, too.



      • The winner of each challenge will be contacted via messenger and email with the offer to have the first three months of their Internet marketing business paid for by World Branch.



How do I join the web traffic challenge?

Anyone can join the web traffic challenge by completing the form here or on our sign up page. Once you sign up, you will be provided initial instructions on how to get started. We look forward to seeing you compete and winning the first three months of your Internet marketing business for free!


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