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Lesson 4: Earn Free Email Credits on Safelist Networks

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<<<In the previous lesson, I handed you the top six free business advertising sites I use every week to get over 1000 free website visitors to my website every week.

Now, it’s time to learn how to earn all your online business advertising for free.

To simplify this, I recommend you configure your new safelist accounts to allow you to quickly and efficiently earn 1000s of emailing credits every day.

In the last lesson, I advised you to create a new email account with which to create your safelist accounts. The reason I recommended this step is because successful members of safelist accounts send emails every day. When you create your account with any safelist ad site, you agree to receive email from all other members of that safelist. As a member of safelist sites with 100s and sometime 1000s of other members, this can mean that you are receiving 100s of emails from each safelist.

Let me tell you why this is a GOOD thing…

Within every email you receive from a safelist is a link that will credit your account with free email advertising credits for viewing others websites. This is the heart of this lesson; how to use those emails to earn free advertising for your business, daily. We will cover that later in this lesson.

Now, the next action step is completely optional, but I prefer it because it speeds up your ability to earn email credits on each safelist and eliminates the emails sent to your personal email inbox.

All six of the safelist advertising websites I recommended in Lesson 3: The Best Emailing Service You Can Use, For FREE have member inboxes built into your member’s area. You can configure your account and elect to receive all member emails within your member inbox which is housed in your member’s area on the site. This option allows you to receive all member emails on the safelist advertising websites vice getting them in your personal email inbox.

Action Step: Configure your account to receive emails in your member inbox

For this step, we will use the Adchiever platform for example (All six safelist advertising sites are very similar. These steps can be applied to each one in the same way.)

  1. Log into your account.

2. Find your dashboard and go to your profile.

3. Scroll down until you find your “Email preferences”. Select “Member Inbox Only” from the dropdown box. Then tap “Save Settings”.

If you completed these simple steps correctly, you will stop receiving member emails in your personal email inbox (the default setting) and start receiving them in your member’s area inbox (on-site) instead,  filled with email advertising credits for your account.

Action Step: Earn Free Email Advertising Credits

This step is pivotal to your business. In the beginning, this will culminate the majority of the day-to-day effort you must commit to build a successful business. This is how you earn all your business advertising online for free.

  1. Tap “Ads” and “Email Ad Inbox”.

Here, you will find all member emails you’ve recently received, by which you can earn free email advertising credits. If the email subject is bold, you have not yet opened it.

2. Tap on the first bold (unopened) email.

3. When you tap an email, it will expand to show the body of the email. Ever email will have one bold hyperlink that will be preceded with the text, “Click Below To Verify You Read This Message And Earn Credits:” Tap the bold hyperlink that follows that text. The linked destination will render in a new window or tab, depending on your device and / or platform.

4. You will have to have the webpage displayed for 15 – 20 seconds to earn free mailing credits for your account.

Key Tip: You are not required to do anything else to earn credits from email links than allow the 15-second timer to expire before you close the tab in which it is displayed. You are not required to keep that tab displayed on your device. You can go back and open several other tabs from other emails to earn many credits simultaneously. When earning credits, I will regularly open 20 - 30 email ad links, allowing the timers to expire simultaneously. I will then close all 30 tabs (mainly to prevent overloading my device), then open 30 more links. This allows me to earn 100s of free mailing credits within minutes!

You will know you have earned the credit as the page will display confirmation as the timer expires. Once, the timer expires, you can exit the page. Your account has now been credited with free mailing credits.

Lesson Summary

Every safelist network will have a different amount of member to which you may send one email once daily. As I mentioned in the last action step, you need to earn enough credits within each of your accounts to MAX OUT the number of emails you can send daily. In other words, to get the most out of your free safelist accounts, you need to earn enough credits to allow you to send your daily email (with your link) to all members on each safelist. Remember, one email credit = one email you may send.

When you have completed all the actions steps from lesson four, you may proceed to lesson five below:

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