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World Branch GDI Team Elite Weekly Update – 6 March 2021

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Highlights from this week:

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Effectiveness of the new email

Sorry for the delayed report this you will see, I have been busy improving things for the team.

One of the best things about this business (just like with any other business) is when things seem to be slowing down, all you have to do is change something about your activity until you begin to see results. Last week, I introduced new email copy for you to send out with your daily email on the safelist networks. This has already proven significant results. This is bound to result in growth for our team.

If you've seen the new email copy, you will see that it points to all the best web properties we have to offer as a team:

Here is the traffic graph from the past thirty days for this web log:

And here is the traffic log for from this morning:

I likely didn't have to put the big red arrow indicating the obvious on the first graph. The effect is obvious! I started sending the new email copy on 27 February (last weekend). What is significant about this is I've only included the above links in my daily emails on our safelist networks. I continue to target our capture page for new opt-ins for the team. This is proof that people read and click on the emails that you send daily. Furthermore, with this increase exposure of all our best web properties means that people are interested and looking for an opportunity. They are interested in our opportunity. Both this web log and our homepage are now getting 20 - 40 visitors daily. This is in addition to the thousands of views our capture page receives that I report to you in this weekly update. This is 20 - 40 people that are looking to join our team. It is inevitable that this will result in new members for YOUR downline. Can you imagine what would happen if WE ALL used the new email copy in our daily emails?!?

If you have yet to change over to this new email copy, do so now!

The importance of branding

You may have noticed how you can assign a picture to your profile on all our safelist networks. When you view other members emails who have assigned their profile picture, you will see their profile picture in what is referred to as the "branding bar" at the top of the page. While it may seem like an insignificant step, it is a very important step. When people start seeing your name and picture regularly on the Internet, it proves your activity and diligence in your own business. It communicates your commitment to your own success. It backs up what we are telling them in our email copy; you are actively building a business and you will help them do the same. Most importantly, it creates familiarity and inherent trust that you are what you say you are and you are the person they want to work with.

Furthermore, when you outperform everyone else on our safelist networks, the networks are very good about recognizing your high level of activity. I've been meaning to highlight this recognition lately and, until now, I've failed to do so.

Almost everyday I log into Listjumper, I see a very familiar face from our team.

Robin is consistently highly active on Listjumper and they regularly recognize him for it. Robin appears regularly on the top page when you log into the website. The cool part about this is when you click on Robin's image, it take you to his profile and allows you to join his downline. This give's Robin and his team significant positive exposure. We are all just as capable to achieve this level of success. It just matters how committed you are to your business and your success. Great job, Robin!

Keep in mind, your picture doesn't necessarily have to be a portrait of you, just an image that you want to represent you. Just be sure to make it consistent in all your advertising (use the same image everywhere and don't change it).

Keep up the great work

Remember, the most powerful tool our team has is our collective activity, OVER TIME. What this means is that rarely is any current activity realized; week-to-week activity builds up over time. This is why it is common to see some weeks produce many results while some weeks seem to produce nothing. Don't let that discourage you. Over time, all your activity builds up. This means, the activity you commit to this week may take weeks or moths to show results. This business rarely shows regular and consistent results, which makes your regular and consistent activity all the more important! Your regular and consistent activity combined with the team's regular and consistent activity as a whole is what allows us to grow, over time. This is why we place so much emphasis on you getting 1,000 clicks every week to your unique team promotion link.

Join our Facebook group and follow our Facebook page

If you didn't know, I maintain a Facebook group and a Facebook page featuring what we do here. If you haven't yet done so, visit, like, follow, share, and join each to help us reach more potential members! Now that our weekly updates and activity are publicly available here, I will post our updates in both locations. You will find both have hundreds of followers and members (not all the same people) so the possibilities are endless!

Team Performance for the week ending 6 March 2021

  • 7,370 clicks for the team (This activity shows that our team is SERIOUS about our success!)
  • 0 people opted-in and requested more info through our links (perspective future members that are now receiving our email campaign)
  • 2 people have asked to "Send Me the Link" (likely to become new members as they are directly speaking with me about joining)
  • 0 new members joined the team (Remember, the others will come with time, either they are still thinking about it or we just haven't reached them yet...)
  • (If you are on Robin's team and started using your new URL, these click counts account for ALL your clicks on both your old and new URL. I've combined them.)
  • Bernd - 3,290 clicks (Great job, Bernd! Contact me so we can discuss your methods.)
  • Robin - 1,520 clicks (Excellent, Robin! Great job on setting up your team for success!)
  • Stead - 1,136 clicks (Excellent work, Stead! Your team will form before you know it!)
  • Erinn - 1,093 clicks
  • Robert B. - 226 clicks (You're improving weekly, Robert, keep progressing!)
  • Joshua - 8 clicks (Great job, Joshua!)
  • Tapan - 87 clicks (Great job, Tapan!)
  • Gerald - 3 clicks (Keep learning!)
  • James - 0 clicks (Keep learning!)
  • Duane - 0 clicks (Keep learning!)
  • Robert S. - 0 clicks (Keep learning!)
  • Catherine - 0 clicks (Keep learning!)
  • Remember, I can only assign new members to you when you are actively promoting your unique team promotion URL to 1000+ people weekly (as several have accomplished this week).
  • Bernd, Robin, and Stead qualified this week for new members in their downlines.

*It's never too late to join the World Branch - GDI Team Elite team

If you are receiving this newsletter weekly yet haven't joined our team or don't know what this is all about, email me at or call me at +1 812-972-6909 and I will explain it. You are seeing this because at one time you asked to join our team. The offer still stands!

If you have activated your GDI account and ready to begin promoting your unique team URL, contact me today or give me a call and I will get you active.

If you have yet to activate your GDI account but are ready to take advantage of our team efforts to build your team, click here to activate your account. Contact me once you activate your account and I will get you started on your next step.

As I will do every week to keep our team building and progressing together, here are some administrative notes to ensure we keep driving forward:

  • Most important: I am here for you! The reason I am a team leader is to help you succeed and eventually lead your own team that we build together. You can always (and I encourage you) to reply to every email I send you and ask for help when you need it. I also administer my own Facebook resources group and web page. These resources are here to help you reach your personal goals (and the 1000 weekly clicks qualification). You can message me directly through the World Branch Facebook group. Here are the links:
    Access all World Branch traffic tools here
    Join the World Branch Facebook Group here 
    Follow the World Branch Facebook Page here
  • Only Members actively contributing will see their downline grow. My congrats to all active members. Remember it is ok to promote and grow your GDI company outside of Team Elite.
  • Remember, qualification for getting your personal team's link are:
    • Your GDI account is in an active status (after first payment)
    • You have finished with the GDI Team Elite introduction video
  • Qualification for getting new members assigned to your down line: members weekly clicks score is equal or higher than 1000+ clicks
  • Important truths: GDI is one of the digital marketing platforms that regularly pays earned commissions to its members.
  • This is our team. Our team members should regularly meet our team’s goals and our success is guaranteed. The only condition for achieving our success is that as members of the GDI Team Elite, we are persistent and determined enough to stay active to the rest of our earning cycle.
  • Each member of the GDI team Elite first works for themselves and then they work for the team. Only regular achievement of team norms gives good & long-term results. All members of the team, by achieving team norms, contribute their part to the team's growth and vice versa. A fast trip is not always a good trip, you should take your time and stay to the end in order to achieve your goals.

Have a great week!


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