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World Branch GDI Team Elite Weekly Update – 6 March 2021

Posted by worldbranch

Highlights from this week:

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Effectiveness of the new email

Sorry for the delayed report this you will see, I have been busy improving things for the team.

One of the best things about this business (just like with any other business) is when things seem to be slowing down, all you have to do is change something about your activity until you begin to see results. Last week, I introduced new email copy for you to send out with your daily email on the safelist networks. This has already proven significant results. This is bound to result in growth for our team.

If you've seen the new email copy, you will see that it points to all the best web properties we have to offer as a team:

Here is the traffic graph from the past thirty days for this web log:

And here is the traffic log for from this morning:

I likely didn't have to put the big red arrow indicating the obvious on the first graph. The effect is obvious! I started sending the new email copy on 27 February (last weekend). What is significant about this is I've only included the above links in my daily emails on our safelist networks. I continue to target our capture page for new opt-ins for the team. This is proof that people read and click on the emails that you send daily. Furthermore, with this increase exposure of all our best web properties means that people are interested and looking for an opportunity. They are interested in our opportunity. Both this web log and our homepage are now getting 20 - 40 visitors daily. This is in addition to the thousands of views our capture page receives that I report to you in this weekly update. This is 20 - 40 people that are looking to join our team. It is inevitable that this will result in new members for YOUR downline. Can you imagine what would happen if WE ALL used the new email copy in our daily emails?!?

If you have yet to change over to this new email copy, do so now!

The importance of branding

You may have noticed how you can assign a picture to your profile on all our safelist networks. When you view other members emails who have assigned their profile picture, you will see their profile picture in what is referred to as the "branding bar" at the top of the page. While it may seem like an insignificant step, it is a very important step. When people start seeing your name and picture regularly on the Internet, it proves your activity and diligence in your own business. It communicates your commitment to your own success. It backs up what we are telling them in our email copy; you are actively building a business and you will help them do the same. Most importantly, it creates familiarity and inherent trust that you are what you say you are and you are the person they want to work with.

Furthermore, when you outperform everyone else on our safelist networks, the networks are very good about recognizing your high level of activity. I've been meaning to highlight this recognition lately and, until now, I've failed to do so.

Almost everyday I log into Listjumper, I see a very familiar face from our team.

Robin is consistently highly active on Listjumper and they regularly recognize him for it. Robin appears regularly on the top page when you log into the website. The cool part about this is when you click on Robin's image, it take you to his profile and allows you to join his downline. This give's Robin and his team significant positive exposure. We are all just as capable to achieve this level of success. It just matters how committed you are to your business and your success. Great job, Robin!

Keep in mind, your picture doesn't necessarily have to be a portrait of you, just an image that you want to represent you. Just be sure to make it consistent in all your advertising (use the same image everywhere and don't change it).

Keep up the great work

Remember, the most powerful tool our team has is our collective activity, OVER TIME. What this means is that rarely is any current activity realized; week-to-week activity builds up over time. This is why it is common to see some weeks produce many results while some weeks seem to produce nothing. Don't let that discourage you. Over time, all your activity builds up. This means, the activity you commit to this week may take weeks or moths to show results. This business rarely shows regular and consistent results, which makes your regular and consistent activity all the more important! Your regular and consistent activity combined with the team's regular and consistent activity as a whole is what allows us to grow, over time. This is why we place so much emphasis on you getting 1,000 clicks every week to your unique team promotion link.

Join our Facebook group and follow our Facebook page

If you didn't know, I maintain a Facebook group and a Facebook page featuring what we do here. If you haven't yet done so, visit, like, follow, share, and join each to help us reach more potential members! Now that our weekly updates and activity are publicly available here, I will post our updates in both locations. You will find both have hundreds of followers and members (not all the same people) so the possibilities are endless!

Team Performance for the week ending 6 March 2021

  • 7,370 clicks for the team (This activity shows that our team is SERIOUS about our success!)
  • 0 people opted-in and requested more info through our links (perspective future members that are now receiving our email campaign)
  • 2 people have asked to "Send Me the Link" (likely to become new members as they are directly speaking with me about joining)
  • 0 new members joined the team (Remember, the others will come with time, either they are still thinking about it or we just haven't reached them yet...)
  • (If you are on Robin's team and started using your new URL, these click counts account for ALL your clicks on both your old and new URL. I've combined them.)
  • Bernd - 3,290 clicks (Great job, Bernd! Contact me so we can discuss your methods.)
  • Robin - 1,520 clicks (Excellent, Robin! Great job on setting up your team for success!)
  • Stead - 1,136 clicks (Excellent work, Stead! Your team will form before you know it!)
  • Erinn - 1,093 clicks
  • Robert B. - 226 clicks (You're improving weekly, Robert, keep progressing!)
  • Joshua - 8 clicks (Great job, Joshua!)
  • Tapan - 87 clicks (Great job, Tapan!)
  • Gerald - 3 clicks (Keep learning!)
  • James - 0 clicks (Keep learning!)
  • Duane - 0 clicks (Keep learning!)
  • Robert S. - 0 clicks (Keep learning!)
  • Catherine - 0 clicks (Keep learning!)
  • Remember, I can only assign new members to you when you are actively promoting your unique team promotion URL to 1000+ people weekly (as several have accomplished this week).
  • Bernd, Robin, and Stead qualified this week for new members in their downlines.

*It's never too late to join the World Branch - GDI Team Elite team

If you are receiving this newsletter weekly yet haven't joined our team or don't know what this is all about, email me at or call me at +1 812-972-6909 and I will explain it. You are seeing this because at one time you asked to join our team. The offer still stands!

If you have activated your GDI account and ready to begin promoting your unique team URL, contact me today or give me a call and I will get you active.

If you have yet to activate your GDI account but are ready to take advantage of our team efforts to build your team, click here to activate your account. Contact me once you activate your account and I will get you started on your next step.

As I will do every week to keep our team building and progressing together, here are some administrative notes to ensure we keep driving forward:

  • Most important: I am here for you! The reason I am a team leader is to help you succeed and eventually lead your own team that we build together. You can always (and I encourage you) to reply to every email I send you and ask for help when you need it. I also administer my own Facebook resources group and web page. These resources are here to help you reach your personal goals (and the 1000 weekly clicks qualification). You can message me directly through the World Branch Facebook group. Here are the links:
    Access all World Branch traffic tools here
    Join the World Branch Facebook Group here 
    Follow the World Branch Facebook Page here
  • Only Members actively contributing will see their downline grow. My congrats to all active members. Remember it is ok to promote and grow your GDI company outside of Team Elite.
  • Remember, qualification for getting your personal team's link are:
    • Your GDI account is in an active status (after first payment)
    • You have finished with the GDI Team Elite introduction video
  • Qualification for getting new members assigned to your down line: members weekly clicks score is equal or higher than 1000+ clicks
  • Important truths: GDI is one of the digital marketing platforms that regularly pays earned commissions to its members.
  • This is our team. Our team members should regularly meet our team’s goals and our success is guaranteed. The only condition for achieving our success is that as members of the GDI Team Elite, we are persistent and determined enough to stay active to the rest of our earning cycle.
  • Each member of the GDI team Elite first works for themselves and then they work for the team. Only regular achievement of team norms gives good & long-term results. All members of the team, by achieving team norms, contribute their part to the team's growth and vice versa. A fast trip is not always a good trip, you should take your time and stay to the end in order to achieve your goals.

Have a great week!


Call: +1 812-972-6909

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Lesson 2: Activity is the Secret to Our Success

Posted by worldbranch

<<<In lesson 1, I prepared you for business by arming you with the perspective necessary to be successful. In this lesson, I will describe the activity required of you to build your business and how this effectively builds your business. I will introduce you to downlines as your primary resource for monetizing your activity. You will get a glimpse as to what is beyond the basics of our business. There is more to what I provide you here and in the next few lessons but, for now, I recommend you perfect your use of these basics I’m now introducing.

Activity is How You Build a Successful Business

Activity is the basis of our success. With our team, just as with any other business, you will not be successful without being active. As previously mentioned, if you open your business but not support and cultivate it with investment and activity, you can only expect to fail. You need to realize, regardless how different online business can be, this business is YOUR business; it will only flourish with your nurture and cultivation. Just like any living organism, if you don’t nurture it, it will die.

While most of this guide can be applied to any individual looking for a cost-free way of advertising their message on the Internet, I would be remis if I fail to tell you about our team, our collective advertising system and how we use these methods daily to build our business. I like to think of our World Branch GDI team as the perfect case-study example as to how and why everything I explain in this guide works.

Collective Advertising

Most members of the World Branch GDI team join us due to our collective advertising system. Our team uses the tools you find in this guide to collectively advertise the opportunity we offer new members. When new members join our team, they are provided the coaching and tools to advertise an assigned unique team promotion link by sending 1,000 weekly web visitors to their link. When a member achieves 1,000 weekly hits to their unique team promotion link, they are eligible to receive newly assigned members to their downline. Here’s how it works:

Global Domains International, Inc. (GDI) provides members access to website and weblog building tools (WordPress), without having to know coding or any specialized web development skills, web hosting on their exclusive top-level qualified .WS web domain, all for only $10 USD monthly. Anyone can build a website or establish a weblog with GDI, regardless of technical proficiency. GDI also pays its members to expanding its business by attracting other members by allowing you to build a downline.

Downlines are financial incentive structures that some businesses use to compensate current customers when they bring other customers to their business. Downlines are the primary method by which we monetize (or create methods for income) within our business structure. From your first day on the team, you are creating downlines. Every network we recommend you join provides you the opportunity at a downline and, thusly, a new income stream. The primary downline the World Branch GDI team employs is with GDI. The downline structure in GDI helps members who join our team to build a business as they learn our methods here. Although GDI is our primary downline business, you will build many various downlines as you use other tools throughout this guide.

If you are reading this guide and you are not yet a member of the World Branch GDI team, take this opportunity and do so now!

Downlines in GDI are unique and dynamic. Team leaders can reassign new joining members to anyone else in their downline. The ability to reassign new members to other members is a key component to our business model. This component allows us to recognize and reward members for learning the methods you find in this guide.

When you first join our team, the first team leader in your upline will provide you with a unique team promotion link. This link is unique to your activity, in that, all web traffic your send to that link can be measured by your team leader.

The goal we set for all members (including the team leaders) is to get 1,000 website visitors to your unique team promotion link. This is the threshold by which we define success. When you can get 1,000 clicks on a specific web link, also known as a hit, you can build a successful business.

Specifically for our business, we combine the dynamic reassignment characteristic of GDI downlines with the proven ability to get 1,000 web visitors to a unite promotion link every week. On the World Branch GDI team, when you get 1,000 hits to your unique team promotion link, you qualify to get new members who join your team automatically assigned to your downline by your team leader. It doesn’t matter whether your daily emails attracted that specific member to your team. (There’s honestly no way to determine that.) What counts on our team is that you are proving your activity.

Your team leader has a responsibility to report to you once weekly on your performance; you should receive weekly feedback on how you are doing. If you don’t get this weekly feedback from your team leader, let me know. I will be happy to remind them of their responsibilities to you as a member of our team.

But to where does your unique team promotion link lead? Your team leader is responsible for that. Team leaders in the World Branch GDI team are provided access to tools that bring your business to a whole new level.

When you have six members in your downline in GDI, you are then considered a team leader. Reaching the rank of team leader on our team significantly increases your income opportunities. As a team leader, you will learn how to use email advertising to build a list and further advertise your business. We use a contact management platform called TrafficWave. TrafficWave incudes a tool called an autoresponder. With the autoresponder tool, you can send emails automatically to those who subscribe to your list. Team leaders establish their autoresponder campaigns with TrafficWave, then create unique team promotion links that promote subscription to their email autoresponder campaign. As individuals subscribe to the campaign, they will receive highly personalized and conversational emails from the team leader discussing and reminding them of the opportunities we offer.

TrafficWave, just like GDI, includes a downline as well with every member account. That means as you start developing team leaders on your team, they become member to your TrafficWave downline as well.

***Very Important***

Before creating a TrafficWave account, it is very important you check first with your team leader. Most team leaders will pay for your first active month of your TrafficWave membership (after your 30-day free trial). You don’t want to miss this opportunity by establishing your account without your team leader. Furthermore, you TrafficWave account must be in your team leader’s downline.

This method of contacting new people on a regular basis is a proven, highly successful method for exposure of a product or opportunity. For instance, I received autoresponder emails from the team leader that sponsored me on the GDI team for four months before I decided to join GDI. The regular, periodic contact from that leader made me familiar with him and feel comfortable with what he had to offer. Now, years later, I still speak with that leader weekly, continuously receiving coaching and mentorship on our business.

If you are concerned about having to write and program an autoresponder campaign, you need not worry. Another benefit of being member to the World Branch GDI team is that the email campaign is already written for you. Our email campaign is 26-emails long delivered over a period of 45 days. When you establish your TrafficWave account, we publish this campaign, allowing you to employ it directly from your account. All you must do then is start collecting subscribers as you and your team get 1,000 weekly web visitors to your unique team promotion links!

Sending Mass Emails: Your Primary Activity

The initial primary activity on which you will build your business is sending mass emails daily from free accounts you create and with free credits you earn from viewing other members emails. I will describe the mechanics of this activity and where to find these networks in later sections of the guide, but I first wanted to introduce the mechanisms by which we achieve this activity.

We use free member networks known as safelists to get our message out to whomever may be searching for it. Safelist networks are exactly what they sound like. They are networks of members who have confirmed, opted-in, and agreed to receive emails from other members. This means that your email messages sent via safelists are ‘whitelisted’ or approved so as to not be sent to user’s SPAM or junk folders. Your messages make it to the inbox. Safelist networks ensure no malicious content is sent via email as each email and inclusive links are scanned for safety before they are allowed to be sent to the network. As a second layer of protection, safelist networks are commonly ‘self-governing’, meaning that if and when members receive a potentially malicious email, it is quickly reported to the network and immediately removed. The offending account is commonly blocked or suspended from sending future messages. Bottom-line, safelists have that name because they are actually safe.

Initially, the concept of a safelist may sound counterproductive. You may think, “why would someone else sign up for my offer if they are only viewing it to earn credits.” The members of the networks to which I introduce you to in this guide are present and receiving your emails for a myriad of reasons, not all simply to earn credits and send mass emails themselves. Some are shopping opportunities and your message, your email, may be exactly what they are looking for. Furthermore, I have tested this method continuously for years. Surprisingly, people will sign up daily for more information on what you have to offer. Don’t get in the business of assuming everyone’s purpose on a network is the same as yours. They may be there looking for a business such as yours to join!

Repetition works. As a member of our team, you are encouraged to send the maximum number of emails allowed daily on the primary safelist networks we recommend you use. This is how you achieve 1,000 hits on your unique promotion link. (I will explain how this is done in later lessons.) You may now be thinking, “If I am sending the same email every day to the same networks, won’t they eventually be ignored?” Conventional marketing knowledge tells us that it takes a minimum of seven contacts with an individual before they become a customer. Once again, these networks are not monoliths. Members of the safelist networks are members for various reasons, and each have varying activity. Some read all emails they receive everyday while others won’t touch their email inbox for months. The point is, just because you are sending the same email everyday doesn’t mean the same group of people are seeing it daily. Someone who doesn’t open your email today, might open it tomorrow. This repetition in sending the same emails daily to the same list works because people come and go constantly.

Lastly, you are not expected to create your own emails; we have prewritten emails that allow you to cut, paste, and customize (if you care to) on your safelist accounts. These emails have been proven successful and I will update them periodically in order to refresh our message.

Lesson Summary

Building on the lesson one topic of your perspective, you must realize that if you are going to have a business and expect to be successful, you must take daily and consistent action, just as you would if you were working to establish a traditional “brick & mortar”, physical business. The primary action we take to be successful in our business is sending mass daily emails along with use and management of other free advertising sources. In the following lessons, I guide you through the mechanisms that allow you to do this. But, if you aren’t willing to be consistent in your advertising efforts, and to persist even though the long-term benefits of your efforts aren’t immediately obvious, you cannot expect to be successful. Those (like you) that have made the decision to finally be successful and are willing to apply what I share with you in this guide WILL be successful.

Now that you have completed lesson 2, proceed to lesson 3 below where you will create your safelist accounts and learn how to use them.

All our FREE tools, up front!

(For the sake of your business, don’t ‘pick-and-choose’ the resources offered below. These resources are designed to work holistically together to bolster your business. Take advantage of ALL of the resources I offer you below for the maximum effect):

Join GDI Team Elite today!

Tap here to join our team. When you join our World Branch GDI Team where my team leaders and I instantly become your personal coach. Whether you have a business you want to expand or are looking for a way to make money online, let us build it together.

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Lesson 3: The Best Emailing Service You Can Use, For FREE>>>

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How to Send Mass Email

Posted by worldbranch

As many people enter the world of Internet advertising, they will quickly get the idea that email is an awesome tool by which to contact people, and they're right! Though, as most of us know, there are very specific rules to sending out email, especially when you send mass email. And to send mass unsolicited email to a list of people who didn't ask for it is a super no-no! That's one way to get your email address quickly blacklisted and rendered worthless.

<<< Free Business Advertising Online

Check out our video below to learn how you can become a safe sender of email...

Get Connected

While you are here, make sure to get connected with all the FREE business advertising online resources we constantly offer:

  • Expose your business to 28,000+ opportunity-seekers, for FREE! Just tell us where to send the info...

Yes! Let Me In!

In my last post, I told you about how readily available free business advertising online can be if you use it correctly. If you missed that post, check it out.

I introduce this post to you today to explain how to become a safe sender of email. It may not be the way you expect but, believe it or not, it is extremely effective when used correctly.

If you are looking for new ways to get your business maximum exposure, sign up with World Branch; that's what we do!

What is a Safelist?

A safelist is a network of people who have opted-in and agreed to receive bulk email from other members of the network, usually in exchange for the ability to send email themselves to the same network. Usually, members will earn credits by viewing other members' emails from the safelist. Now, you may be thinking to yourself, "why would I want to email a list like that? Would't all members be there simply for their own purposes and never solicit my offer?" Surprisingly, the answer is 'no'. The thing to understand is not everyone on safelist networks are there with a plan and many are still in the market for other tools and resources to build their business, or even just to find a business that works for them. Your message can still provide much value to many viewers. Profitable Email Marketing

 How Do Safelists Work?

The only way to send legitimate bulk email is to ensure it is solicited. In other words, the recipient must have requested the mail to be sent to them. When you join a safelist, you agree to receive email from other members. This agreement is advantageous because the safelist network awards its members with 'mailing' credits for viewing each email. As you view the emails the safelist sends you, you earn credits to send your own emails to other members of the safelist.  

List Surfing - Social Advertising Network

How to Use Safelists

The key to using safelists is to cast a wide net. Users who experience effective use of safelists commonly use many of them, blasting their email message daily to 10,000s of safelists members. The cool part about this tactic is that common members to many lists can see your message multiple times in a short period. This tactic alone is proven to increase conversions. The key is to be persistent. You should have several safelist memberships to which you email out your email daily. This is the only way to ensure a wide enough cast of your 'net' to achieve the results for which you're looking. The cool thing is that World Branch has made this easy for you. We offer all our web traffic and other Internet business resources, for free! All you need to do is fill out the form below to get free access to all our tools. 

In my next post, I show you the best emailing service you can use for free.

The Best Emailing Service You Can Use for Free >>>

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