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Win the Web Traffic Challenge

This post serves a the primary tutorial for contest members of the web traffic challenge.

If you are unfamiliar with the web traffic challenge, read this post. Then, sign up to compete on our website.

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Obviously, if you are already an expert Traffic Ad Bar veteran, you can use this as a refresher or just skip altogether.

How to Win the Web Traffic Challenge

Tap to create your Traffic Ad Bar account

When competing in our web traffic challenge, Traffic Ad Bar is the primary tool we recommend all contest members to use. Traffic Ad Bar is a free traffic exchange website that is super-easy to learn and use, and makes it possible for any new user to begin generating 1000s of weekly visits to any Internet destination. You will need to join the Traffic Ad Bar network to complete this tutorial and compete in the web traffic challenge.

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The Traffic Ad Bar platform allows their members to visit other members' websites and earn points and hits (or visits) from other members. All that is necessary to earn points for each visit you make is to stay on the website for 10 seconds or more. Your points are then awarded. For every 25 sites you visit, you will receive an extra 100 - 1000 points, depending on how long you have been surfing. The more continuously you surf members' websites, the more visits you will earn for the websites you want to advertise on the Traffic Ad Bar network.

Once you join the Traffic Ad Bar network, read on to learn how to drive 1000s of visits to your contest URL and win the web traffic challenge!

Setting up your Traffic Ad Bar account

When you first visit Traffic Ad Bar, you must create your account. Once your account is created and you have verified your email address, login to your account. You will be at your TAB dashboard. It will look very similar to this:


Traffic Ad Bar dashboard

Get your link on the Traffic Ad Bar network

When the web traffic challenge begins, you will receive a unique URL. It will look like this: We use links from Bitly link management services to standardize and personalize all links within the contest. This also allows us to track exactly how many visits are going to your unique URL and determine the winner.

To get visits to your link, tap on the 'Advertising' link from your TAB dashboard at the top of the page. Your advertising page should look similar to this:


Traffic Ad Bar advertising page

Note: You will not see the boxes in the lower part of the page until you create your advertisements featuring your unique URL for the contest. That's the next step...

Create you ad on the Traffic Ad Bar network

Adding website dialog

Adding website dialog

Now, you need to get your unique URL for the contest on the Traffic Ad Bar network. (Remember, your unique URL will be provided to you at the beginning of the web traffic challenge. It will look like, only with your name in the link suffix.) Then, tap the 'Add a website' button. When you tap the button, the 'Adding website' dialog will appear. You may notice the dialog will pull some info and prefill some of your ad text from the webpage to which the URL directs. If you don't want this automatic text, it's no problem. Simply complete the 'Title', 'Ad line 1', 'Ad line 2',  and 'language' selection box. The dialog will display your ad as it will look as you type it. Once you complete your ad, tap the 'Save' button. Congrats! Your ad, linked to your unique URL is published to the Traffic Ad Bar network.

Now, it is time to start getting web traffic so you can win this web traffic challenge!

Get web traffic to your Traffic Ad Bar ad

Click to earn points NOW!

Click to earn points NOW!

The Traffic Ad Bar platform makes it super-easy for any user, regardless as to how new or inexperienced you may be, to begin driving massive traffic to any URL. Now that you have your ad, linked to your unique contest URL, on the Traffic Ad Bar network, you can easily start driving massive traffic to your ad.


TAB ad surfing platform

On the left sidebar of any page while logged into Traffic Ad Bar you will find a red box with white letters, "Click here to earn points NOW!" When you tap the box, you are taken to the ad surfing platform. You will now see the traffic ad bar at the top of the page. The primary area of the webpage will be a frame that will display the webpage of each ad as you visit them. Along the top of the ad bar will display your stats: how many pages until your bonus page, how many websites you have viewed today, how many points you have earned today, and how many hits (or web visits) you have earned for your ads today.

The Traffic Ad Bar network works on a point system. You earn points for surfing and viewing ads. For each ad you visit, you will receive 2 - 5 points. You will need to view each ad for 10 seconds to earn points. You get a bonus page for every 25 pages you view. On your bonus page, you will receive 200 - 500 points. You will also earn 25 hits. You will have the option to trade in five hits for 100 extra points, your choice. Don't forget to scroll down and click on one of the pro member links to receive an extra 100 point bonus!

Bonus Time!

Bonus Time!

The difference between points and hits

As you surf and visit ads across the Traffic Ad Bar network, you will earn both. Hits are simple. These are visits that will be driven directly to your websites. The Traffic Ad Bar network will continue to show your ad until your website has been visited the number of hits you have earned. Earn 907 hits in a day; receive 907 visits to your website that day.

levelladderPoints are a little more complicated, but just as valuable, if not more so! The Traffic Ad Bar has something called the level ladder. The level ladder has 16 different levels. It is reconfigured every three days. The quantity of points you earn over each three day period, compared to all other TAB members, determines your ladder level. Each level of the ladder promises a certain number of visits to your website. Levels 10 - 16 receive 1,022 visits to websites on these levels.

There's one more feature of TAB to mention. You can have more than one website on the Traffic Ad Bar network. One of your websites are always designated as you primary website. The points you earn by surfing and visiting others' websites are automatically attributed to your primary website. At anytime, you may transfer points you have earned from your primary website to your other websites, if you have more than one.

For the purpose of the web traffic challenge, you want all your points going to the ad featuring your unique URL.

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